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Carnival 2024 – Masked Night

23 febrero / 22:30

In the magical Night of the Masked, reality fades before the elegance and mystery of the masks, while jazz, samba and bossa nova weave a musical spell.

Each person hides their identity behind elaborate enigmatic faces, immersing themselves in a world where the rhythm of jazz merges with the passion of samba and the sophistication of bossa nova. Carnival marchinhas add a festive touch, transforming the dance floor into an effervescent carnival at the hands of the musical ensemble Rio Cabaret.

The music intoxicates the atmosphere, taking attendees on a journey where reality intertwines with illusion. Everyone is free to express themselves without restrictions, dancing between reality and fiction, creating eternal memories in a night where masks reveal more than they hide. Join us in this unique celebration, where the magic lies in the dance and the beauty lies behind every mask.

For this magical night, our chef has designed the possibility of tasting a special menu that combines our traditional cuisine with Brazilian gastronomy. A whole experience for those who wish to accompany the carnival with this menu.

Click here Masked Night Menu

The event offers the possibility to choose:

  • Entry 25€ includes: Show + drink (Caipirinha or drink, except reserve drink)
  • Entry 60€ includes: Show + drink (Beer, Wine or Soft Drink) + Special menu

Show + Drink