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Celia Domene

11 mayo 2023 / 22:30



Indalia takes its name from the prehistoric symbol used as an emblem to protect homes in Almería. It was found in the Cueva de los Letreros in Almería, the birthplace of the bailaora Celia Domene, which brings us a proposal of traditional flamenco where the peculiarity of this multifaceted cast gives the show a fresh and modern air, while continuing to pass with integrity and rigor for each of the most characteristic flamenco styles of our culture. Fandangos bandolaos, bulerías, soleares, Alegrías, Guajiras, Malagueñas, tangos… form part of a repertoire that never ceases to impress due to the quality of its artists. Elements such as castanets and a shawl, as well as a copler cante por bulerías by the bailaora will undoubtedly surprise an audience.

Celia Domene, dance
Paz de Manuel, sing
Kati Golenko, guitar
Miguel Reyes, percussion