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Jacob Sureda

18 junio 2023 / 12:30


Winner in Las Vegas, now in our casino room

Mallorcan from a family of musicians, at the age of 23 he is musical director of the orchestra of the best show rooms in Europe: «Son Amar» and at 26 he goes to live for a year in «Las Vegas» USA, where he plays in different city ​​casinos.

He has accompanied and recorded with artists such as: Ismael Serrano, Pasión Vega, Serrat, Noa, Concha Buika, Chenoa, Miguel Ríos, Víctor Manuel, Zenet, Zahara, Ana Torroja, Melendi, Rozalén, Ara Malikian, Carlos Vives, Antonio Banderas, Aute , Ruth Lorenzo, Amaral,
Pablo Alborán, Monica Molina, Bebe, Marwán… He has directed the musical GREASE at the Nuevo Alcalá theater in Madrid.

From Pop or Swing to the Sinatra style and Broadway themes to the songs of today and forever and famous classical music melodies