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Los Brincos – Homenaje a los pioneros del POP en español

27 octubre 2023 / 22:30


From the original idea of producers Fermín Ortiz and Eugenio Gurumeta, “Tribute to the pioneers of Spanish Pop” was born, a recognition of the greats of Spanish pop throughout time, for their contribution to modern Spanish music and song. , to fashion and customs, to their work bringing to Spain what other countries proposed as novelties and trends, to all the artists who participated in this glorious era from the 60s to the 80s. Once a month, each gala will offer the tribute and for this we will have a band of musicians, or rather, as corresponds to such a happy time, a “musical ensemble”, which will play and sing the songs of the singer chosen for the tribute and whom we will surround with friends from the scene to round off a magical night to remember as “Directísimo” emulating the admired television genius José María Íñigo.

In this second gala presented by Jose Manuel Parada, we will have the presence of the legendary group “Los Brincos” and the “Banda de Pioneros del Pop Español” (Rubén Rebolleda on piano and voice, Israel Sandoval on guitar, Javier Quílez on bass and Antonio Pastora on drums).

In their time they were known as the Spanish Beatles. Their image (at least in the early days), although inspired by British beat groups, also included idiosyncratic and more or less traditional elements, such as Spanish capes or bells.

Their single “Borracho” then broke a national record of more than 100,000 copies sold in 1965. By November 1971, Los Brincos had managed to introduce “Flamenco” to the Spanish charts for 29 weeks and 25 weeks to “Borracho” song among the ten most radiod songs nationwide. In addition, the songs “Mejor” and “Lola” also stand out among their hits for rising to first place on Spanish sales charts. Likewise, “Lola” and “Un sorbito de champagne” reached first place on Los 40 Principales

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