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The Beauties & The Beats

21 diciembre 2023 / 22:30

Pop –

The appearance of The Beatles in the 1960s was the biggest revolution that British popular music had experienced up to that time. The Beauties & The Beats is a band from Madrid that, aware that the music of the Liverpool quartet is still alive today, recreates all its magic by selecting the most cheerful and carefree songs from their repertoire to interpret them according to their own point of view. 

The presence of two female voices in the line-up and the absolute respect for the instrumentation of the original versions, makes the fans enjoy in their concerts an evocative and at the same time novel experience.

Eva Redondo, lead voice
Raquel Groza, backing voice
Rafael Marín,
lead guitar
Juan Ramón Pardo, guitar, harmonica and voice
Manuel Montoro,
José Luis Sevillano, bass