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Tribute to the pioneers of spanish POP

28 septiembre 2023 / 22:30


From the original idea of the producers Fermín Ortiz and Eugenio Gurumeta, the “Tribute to the pioneers of Spanish Pop” is born, a recognition to the greats of Spanish pop over time, to their contribution to Moderna Spanish music and song, to fashion and customs, to their work bringing to Spain what other countries proposed as novelties and trends, to all the artists who participated in this glorious era from the 60s to the 80s.

Once a month, each gala will offer the tribute and the first gala will be offered to one of the great ladies of music of the twentieth century, who has been giving us some of the most danced, sung and enjoyed songs, the unrepeatable Karina, a luxury to give a very high cache to this event from the first minute. For this we will have a band of musicians, or rather as befits such a happy time, a “musical ensemble”, which will play and sing the songs of the singer chosen for the tribute and which we will surround with friends of the scene to round off a magical night for remembrance as a “Very Direct” emulating the admired television genius José María Íñigo.

A fantastic dinner, live music, videos, performances and interviews will fill the “program” that will present one of the highlights by remembering every night an artist of those who left but are still present with their songs

Plaza de Manuel Becerra, 12
Madrid, Madrid 28028 España
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